5 Best Dropshipping Tips 2021 for Beginners

5 best dropshipping tips 2021 for beginners

Start an online store is not an easy job. You have to put in the heavy investment, time and take a wise decision to sell products online successfully. Many people are shy and a little bit is nervous to take this step. The only main reason is its fulfillment hassles and heavy startup costs.

But imagine if someone takes responsibility to pay thousands of items inventory costs and take care of all products delivered to the customer’s doorstep. In this case, it’d be great and much easier to get started, or one more advantage you could run your business from any corner of the world. Sound good, to get started you should very well know how to get started.

In this article, I’ll share the top benefits and best dropshipping tips 2021 and tell you 5 easy dropshipping tips that are ideal for beginners.

The benefits of a dropshipping business model

There are countless reasons that you cannot ignore while considering dropshipping as an online business. Here in the following lines, the most compelling is described.

No need for capital to get started. You do need to heave investment to start a dropshipping business. It makes amazingly Easy Dropshipping and gets started instantly. You don’t need to invest huge capital to buy and maintain inventory, yet you can still offer thousands of products to your customers.

  • Incredible Convenient. Successfully launching and running an online ecommerce store takes a lot of efforts, capital and time, especially if you have limited resources. In this situation dropshipping business is the right choice to sell products online. Not having to worry about fulfillment of management of inventory and product deliveries. Dropshipping is incredibly convenient and utilize this frees up time to concentrate on making marketing plan, best offering, customer services and operations.
  • Mobility. You can start your online dropshipping business anytime and from anywhere. It is highly portable business and you can carry it and operate from anywhere. Just need an internet connection to look after all your online dropshipping business.
  • Dropshipping is a tested model. Thousands of entrepreneurs running their dropshpping online store successfully. Plenty of prominent store using this model of business, even major retailers such as Macy’s, using dropshipping to sell a wide collection of products their customers without having to deal with increasing inventory cost and hassles.

5 Best Dropshipping Business Tips for Beginners

  1. How to handle the supplier’s mistakes?

Even great suppliers make mistakes and you have to handle these mistakes with the best possible offering. So what will be the possible solution when your supplier sends the wrong item or nothing at all? Here is these possible solution that you can adopt to handle this alarming situation.

  • Take responsibility – Come forward and takes responsibility of your supplier mistakes, because customer has no idea that suppler even exist. He done deal with you and he knew only you. Own the problem, apologizes and offers the best possible solution to customers that makes your purchaser happier.
  • Make it up to the customer – To win the customer trust again you should be proactive and offer the customer something for the error. It could be in the form of refunding the shipping charges or you may upgrade the order if the customer needs a new product shipped out.
  • Ensure supplier to pay to fix it – For the time being you have taken the responsibility for the supplier mistake but doesn’t mean you need to cut into your profit margin. Any reputed supplier fulfills its promises and accepts its own errors by paying for shipping costs on return items. However, if your supplier not pay, you need to consider these expense as brand building expenses.

If your dropshipping suppliers habitually make these mistakes and your orders are canceled from time to time, you need to start looking for another supplier.

2. How to manage inventory and multiple suppliers

Even experience dropshipping business experts would agree that managing multiple suppliers and inventory is really a challenging job. A poor performance in this section can collapse your dream drop shipping online store. You have to be vigilant and constantly be informing customers about the status of orders.

There are multiple Shopify apps such as DuoPlane, Syncee or web-based service like Ordoro can help you to properly manage your inventory across the different suppliers and distributors. It will help you to limit the number of out-of-stock items at your online eCommerce store.

In the following lines, some best practices for inventory control would help drastically reduce the number of out-of-stock products.

  • Add multiple suppliers
  • Choose your products wisely
  • Add check on products availability
  • Dealing with out of stock orders proactively
  1. 3Order fulfillment for dropshipping

Having multiple suppliers onboard offer a number of benefits to dropshipping business that we have already discussed in detail. It increases the likelihood that products will be in stock, provides geographical diversity that ensures faster delivery time, and prevents you to trap in the hand of a single supplier. How do you choose the best dropshipping suppliers? Which is the ideal supplier for your dropshipping? There are few different tips that need to be considered:

  1. Route all orders to a preferred supplier
  2. Route orders based on location
  3. Route orders based on availability
  4. Route orders based on price

  1. Focus on marketing

To make a sale totally depends on your marketing campaigns and efforts. Finding the customer is the main objective of your dropshipping marketing campaigns. To do that you have to design and run effective and user engages marketing campaigns. You can launch dropshipping products selling campaigns on different channels such as Facebook, Google Ads and focus on search engine optimization SEO.

Facebook ads

Facebook now has 2 billion active users monthly. It is the best platform for dropshipping beginners especially for those who have a limited budget. It’s filled with great opportunities that will enable you to reach new customers and drive potential customers at your dropshipping store. Design and run Facebook ads that will allow you to easily target your customers.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can easily advertise your products at Google and YouTube. You have the option to set your budget, daily spending limit as well as pay-per-click ads, so you’re only charged when someone visits your dropshipping business site page. These features will greatly help you to enter the highly competitive market and get the attention of customers on large scale.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO is the part of a digital marketing campaign that boosts up your visibility in the search engine especially in Google. It will fine-tune your dropshipping business website to increase its chances of ranking relevant to keywords.

By running an ideal SEO campaign you can rank your products pages at the first page of the search engine so that your valued customers can naturally discover them through search engines. Most customers search the short tail queries that consist of one to two words in length, these keywords are more crowded and competitive and offer a big challenge to rank your site against these keywords.

It is suggested that instead of focusing on high search volume use the long-tail keywords, which are three words in length, and hold a low search volume. As a dropshipping beginner, it will be much easier to rank because of a lack of competition. You can find out the long-tail keywords with the help of Google Ads or keyword.io. Add your business-related keywords into the toolbar and you’ll see a long list of related keywords. Choose the best keywords that are perfectly suitable as per our offering.

  1. Dealing with returns in dropshipping

Before writing your own return policy, you must know how all your suppliers deal with returns. If your suppliers offer 45 days return window, you can afford to be generous with your terms. When your customer wants to return an item, the process will look like this.

  1. First fill the return form
  2. You will get the return merchandise authorization number from your supplier
  3. The customer mails back the merchandise to your supplier, noting the RMA # on the address.
  4. The supplier will refunds your account for the wholesale price of the merchandise
  5. Now you will refund the full price of the merchandise to customer

Are you ready to run your dropshipping business?

Dropshipping business model offers you quickly start to get a business up and running, but keep in mind it’s not a fast track to passive income. To run a successful dropshipping business model demand consistent look after so customers are happy and return.

Get more detail about how to start dropshipping business in 2021 now

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