How do you start a dropshipping business?

how do start dropshipping business

With the passage of time, more and more people are planning to set up dropshipping businesses and making a fortune out of it. Do you have a plan to start a dropshipping business in 2021? Looking for the best tips about how to start a drop-hipping business? If your answer is yes then in my opinion you must not hold back your thought on the new dropshipping venture. It is rapidly growing industry; entrepreneurs are also utilizing it as a big source of passive income.  

A dropshiping business is a model where drop-shippers get order from dropshipping ecommerce web site and same is sent to suppliers. The dropship suppliers ship products directly to at the doorstep of customers. Simple

In this business model dropshippers don’t need to maintain stock and managing warehousing costs.

As far as the planning dropshipping business is concerned, it is almost the same as starting any other types of traditional business. The below following tips can be helpful in starting dropshipping business today.

  1. Choose Your Dropshipping Business Niche Wisely

Narrow down and choose a business niche that really interests you because what you sell matters a lot. Business ideas not only depict your passion but also pave your way towards profit. Because it is the combination of ideas and passion that generates profit. Therefore, brainstorm your passion and expected profit if you are planning to make money from the dropshipping business. Here are few best dropshipping tips 2021 for beginners that can help you choose a suitable business niche.

  • Business Niche that generates more profit: Marketing and customer acquisition should be your top priority while planning a Dropshipping Business model. Go for a niche that has higher prices for products.
  • Don’t Forget Google Trends: While searching for a business niche, consult Google trends. It helps you know if your business niche is popular. Remember that Google trends don’t provide final results to choose a niche because it has been seen that some trends may go up but their search volume isn’t enough to gain popularity.
  • Do Social Media Research for some brands: When starting a dropshipping business, look at the Facebook ads of the top brands. Do a little research on their followers, how they are promoting their brand, what’s their engagement level happened and how can you set yourself apart from them?
  • Low Shipping Cost Matters a Lot: Finding business niche ideas that aren’t expensive will help you afterward once you embark on a dropshipping business journey. The manufacturer or supplier handles the delivery and if the cost is not affordable, your customer will run away. So go for business ideas that make customers, not drive them away.
  • Sell Product that is not available in the local market: If a product is not available in your local market and you sell it, your customers will increase. So consider a business idea that has not yet entered the local market.
  • Make Sure Your Products Are Appealing: 

If you want to start a successful dropshipping business, then you’ll have to keep an eye on website traffic. When you are focusing, you’ll see that visitors either don’t make a purchase or never return to your website.

This may be because your products are not attractive to the customers. Top-notch photo editing is the backbone of a successful e-commerce company. Multiple individuals and companies are offering image editing services. You can avail their services to make sure that your products appeal to the visitors.

  • Don’t Forget to Do Competitors Research

A ton of competitor research is very essential when you are starting a dropshipping business as a beginner. Giants like Walmart, Amazon, Aliexpress and many best brands are in the market. As a newcomer, to survive in the dropshipping market you need to lay a firm foundation with in-depth, product-wise research on shipping costs, supplier and manufacturing process, and profits margins.

Many dropshippers especially newbies ignore the importance of this research which dents their progress. Do thorough research on products that have high competition because it shows their high demand.

  • Check out Expertly Shortlisted Top Dropshippers

The wrong supplier ruins your business when you start a Dropshipping Business. Don’t rush while choosing a partner because it’s a matter of survival. Always go for verified and reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Since most suppliers are based in other countries, therefore, you need to communicate properly in terms of response time.

Here are trusted drop-shippers you can trust:

  • AliExpress:

If you are planning to start a Dropshipping Business, AliExpress is the trusted platform that can help you out. This reliable wholesale and the dropshipping company has a broad range of products with free sign-up. Dropshippers can sell their products here of any niche here at AliExpress. Dropping companies sell products at low rates at higher prices and earn profit. Free shipping charges around the globe also help to save a lot of money. Delivery may take longer than scheduled if there are inconsistencies. Products with price tags are available for free viewing after registration.

  • Oberlo by Shopify:

If you are looking for a time-saving and user-friendly platform to begin a Dropshipping Business, then go for Oberlo. You can use this app for free but you need to use it via Shopify. It may cost you up to $79.9 if you choose its pro plan after the sign-up provision. All those who trust Shopify can choose Oberlo with no doubt because this app is also designed by Shopify.

  • Wholesale B2:

With this top-notch supplier integration system, you can build an e-commerce store and sell a wide range of product lines. Wholesale B2 lets you add tools via eBay, Google, Amazon, and your website. The applications of this platform are unified with Shopify, Bigcommerce, and ECWID.

Although registration is free, the return policy includes personal interest. This represents up to 20% of the restocking fee. The pricing plan is different for channels such as eBay, Amazon, the website, and data streaming. The registration fee of Wholesale B2 is free but there is a percentage for personal interests on the return policy. It is up to 20% of the return amount as a restocking fee. Pricing plans of this platform vary from eBay and Amazon.

  • Spocket:

Are you planning to launch a Drop shipping Business in the United States? Spocket is an ideal platform for US-based dropshipping suppliers who want delivery on time.

If you want to start a Dropshipping Business in the US, this one is for you. Spocket is majorly ideal for US dropshipping suppliers offering the fastest delivery because most of the suppliers are US-based. Don’t worry about the limited quantity and variety of products because each product has branded receipts.

  • Salehoo:

Salehoo is a wholesale supplier list that connects dropshipping suppliers with companies. It helps to sell products proficiently. You’ll have to pay $67 per year for sign-up because this platform is not free. With a refund guarantee plan, you can try the Salehoo directory for low-cost van support. It’ll assist you to start a dropshipping business. 

5. Effective Dropshipping Business Marketing Strategy to Double Your Sales

Name your dropshipping business domain at the outset. Have a domain name that shows customers that you have a wide variety of products. With proper development, design, and images build your e-commerce website. This is the first step you will take to start your dropshipping business. Then write a product description, blog posts, product reviews from an expert content writer so customers can find out more about your store. You can also launch a website based on Shopify’s dropshipping business model.

Then comes to the stage where you do proper marketing of your dropshipping business. You can choose from a variety of marketing strategies such as Facebook ads, email, and influencer marketing. Well-planned media coverage can also reach your target audience and increase your conversion rate. This kind of marketing plan will allow you to make more money from your business.

In a Nutshell And that’s where we come to the end of this comprehensive guide on how to start a dropshipping business 2021. Here you’ve found essential points you need to keep in mind. We hope this article will help you embark on a successful dropshipping business journey.

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